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2 min readMar 14, 2022


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Bitcoin Pro will eventually replace the traditional Bitcoin (BTC) because it uses the latest technology Blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and soon Solana, Polygon (Matic), Fantom and more. The old Bitcoin uses old technology that will probably have security issues in the future, It’s like using Windows or Android phone without the ability to upgrade to the latest version after a “Show Stopper” bug was found.

The developers plan is to add Bitcoin Pro liquidity using all layer one blockhains and never exceed the MAX supply of 2.1 Million coins by burning the coins added to different networks, making Bitcoin Pro updated and decentralized using top and latest technology, which in itself make it superior to all other crypto currencies.

The team of developers spent two full years of their lives pouring their heart and soul into Bitcoin PRO and all of this work has paid off thanks to the top-quality end product they have created. It is the PRO version of Bitcoin in every conceivable way.

It is essentially an upgrade in every possible way to the previous iterations of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pro — BTCP

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Bitcoin Pro BTCP

With Bitcoin PRO, you have all of the great features that are associated with the standard Bitcoin, only that BTCP is more advanced, faster and has lower fees.